Draai je device a.u.b.
Draai je device a.u.b.


Shooting dreams

Daniël de Ruiter

Sky Lynx is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that works with a single-operator. Which means I single-handedly operate a drone while doing the filming as well. And when these drones aren't in the air? I act as an crew-assistant, sound engineer, data-handler or whatever help there is need off at the set. This requires a specific set of skills which I developed through my years of experience. This way I’m flexible, pragmatic and most important of all; more (cost)efficient to my clients.

Where I've been

Been there, drone that

Aerial Productions

Fly into the next generation

I work for several well-known Television-channels as well as for the bigger production companies, always looking for the best result. That is also one of the reasons I continuously invest in the latest drones, I make sure I am fully aware of the most recent trends in the line of work. All of my drones are fully registered and insured. I work nationally and internationally, showing you there is no challenge I will not face.

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